Key Press Feedback


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Sample Description

Response Feedback allows you to display the response key that is hit as a form of visual feedback to subjects. You can request that the key name be displayed after an RT is taken by entering "feedback" in a subsequent Stim column. Using the Location column you can specify where the feedback should appear and whether the screen is cleared or not before the feedback appears. Using the Time column you can specify how long the feedback should be displayed before continuing to the next stimulus or trial. For example, following a reaction time, if you enter a Stim value of "feedback", a Loc value of ".5,.5,0" and a Time value of "2000", then the subject's response will appear in the middle of the screen for 2000ms. The style used to present the feedback will be the default style for the trial unless you specify an alternate style in angular brackets (e.g., "feedback <2>" will present the feedback in style #2 from the experiment's style file).

Try running the sample input file "feedback.csv" contained in this sample folder. You will see that each time you answer an question, they key you pressed will appear on the screen. This is accomplished with the input file as follows:


On each trial, a question is asked that requires one of the keys, a though e, be pressed. After that, we request that response feedback be displayed for 2000ms by entering "feedback" in the Stim column and 2000 in the Time column. The Loc column specifies where the feedback should be displayed (375 pixels to the right, and 85 pixels down) and that the screen should not be cleared (0) so that the feedback appears on the same screen as the question. A Loc value of "375,85,1" would have the same result with the exception that the feedback would appear on a fresh screen.

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