Tutorial: Jumping (17/21)


…\DirectRT\samples\3 ordering trials\jumping.csv


In this next sample we see how to jump to a later trial depending on a participant's response, execute it and then return where we left off. This is an easy way to administer feedback for particular responses.

Open the input file and notice that it is basically the same as the one we used for skipping. The main difference is that for certain key press events, we have defined a jump event (you may have to widen the last Time column to see everything).

In order to skip to later trials, we use the > symbol. In order to jump to a later trial and then come right back, we the < symbol.

Notice that we have added two new trials at the end. One presents the text "Incorrect Response!" and the other presents "Correct Response!" We have also indicated a series of jump instructions. Specifically, notice that on some trials, if the subject enters a 5 (code 5) then DirectRT will execute Trial 18, and on other trials Trial 19. This way we can give feedback to subjects telling them that their response was correct or incorrect.

Try running the session. Notice that you'll only jump to one of the feedback trials if you hit a key for which a jump was defined. In most of the trials here, that will only happen if you hit 5 (Very attractive). However, in the food trials, we've also included jumps if the subject enters a 1 (Very unattractive).

Important: Notice that on the debriefing trial, we have added a skip value (RT:57>999). This is done so that when DirectRT gets to this trial, hitting the space key (code 57) will skip the subject out of the session entirely (since there is no trial 999). This way, the feedback trials are never presented on their own.

Legal Note: Judgements of correct and incorrect for the purpose of this sample were assigned randomly and in no way reflect upon the actual attractiveness of the individuals or objects presented.

Congratulations! You have finished the Ordering Trials samples!