Tutorial: Changing Styles (6/21)


…\DirectRT\samples\1 bare bones\changestyle.csv


This example shows how you can apply different styles to different trials. First, open the barebones.drt style file located in the same folder as the input file above. Click anywhere on style 1 and see that the preview window shows what you've been seeing so far. Click on style 2 and style 3 and see how they differ.

Now open the input file above. See that we've changed the Style values for the first two instruction screens and for the debriefing trial.

Run the session and see what happens.

Notice that the styles of the instruction and debriefing trials have changed to reflect the styles assigned to them.

As an exercise, try modifying any of the three styles. You can change the font, the foreground and background colors and the alignment of the text. Save the style file and re-run the session. Or, create a new style and enter the style code for any one of the trials.

Congratulations! You have finished the Bare Bones portion of the Tutorial!