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Thread: Direct RT execute error (case 6459)

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    Direct RT execute error (case 6459)

    I am embedding a Direct RT file within a Media Lab file (both were created using v2012). When I try to run the files on a different computer that has v2010, the Media Lab files run fine, but the Direct RT files won't run. I get the error message below... Is this a problem with this individual computer, or do I need to edit my input file (also below)?

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    Hi LRoberts.

    I looked the files you attached; I always find this helpful when attempting to resolve problems like yours.

    The phrase "Conversion from string "full" to type 'Integer' is not valid" stood out to me after noticing you used full in the time column of the .csv file. I wonder if the problem may be there.

    Could you please describe what kind of experiment you are trying to do with the .csv file? I got the one you uploaded to run just fine in DirectRT v2012, but I don't know if it ran as you intended. I don't want to give you advice about chaning the input file and have it mess with the study you are tyring to do.



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    Thanks for the quick reply!
    The experiment is a rapid digit detection task. P's press the spacebar whenever they see three consecutive odd numbers; we're measuring hits/misses and RT. I included full in the time column so that each digit is displayed for the same amount of time, regardless of RT. (I should note that I've altered the default styles on the lab computers so that error messages do not display.)
    I know the file runs in v2012, but it's not running in v2010... that's where I get the error message. Are the files compatible between the versions?

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    Could you upload the style file you are using? If not, could you tell me what the min-max values for style 1 are?

    Also, are you asking if the DirectRT file runs in DirectRT v2010 or if you are trying to run the DirectRT file through a questionnaire file in MediaLab v2010?
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    The min-max for style 1 is 50-600! and the trial interval is 100.

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    Shot in the dark here, but try running it without the -1 value in the any of the cells in the time column of the .csv file. I wonder if the -1 in the time column of the .csv input file is conflicting with the ! in the min-max column.

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    That fixed it! I also had to delete the 'clear600' command, but it still runs like I want it to.
    Thank you so much!

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    I'm glad to hear that worked. Good luck running your study!



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    Just an additional note on this--it looks from the error that you may be running DirectRT v2010.2? If you update this machine to v2010.3 or later, it will likely run as it does on v2012 machines. v2012 is MUCH more similar to 2010.3! Sounds like all is OK now, but if you want to try--the final release of v2010 is available for free to all 2010 (or later) users from the www.empirisoft.com/download_old.aspx page.

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