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Thread: Letter Case of Slider-Question

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    Letter Case of Slider-Question

    Hi there,

    I'm using the custom slider item (for v2006.1) posted in this thread:

    [note by moderator--this is now an in active link--try instead the one below


    In the output, the letter case of the question is lost (all in lower case). This happens as well if I run the posted example. Is there a workaround besides creating individual file? Is this solved in the v2006.2 revised version?

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    I also have this problem.

    Thanks for a prompt reply!

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    Instead o fletting medialab replace the texts, I created multiple htms and put there directly the text I wanted.

    In other words replace "question" with your specific question, "option1" with your left anchor" and "option3" for your right anchor. Do this for all the scales you need, creating a seperate htm file for each. Then direct medialab to the appropriate htm.

    It would be nice if Jarvis told us how to solve the problem using only 1 htm though

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    Nice creative problem solving---that is certrainly one way to get around it! But I think this problem was fixed as of 2006.1.33. So downloading the final release of v2006 (see www.empirisoft.com/download_old.aspx) or upgrading to v2008 ought also to fix it. FYI, it was reported here in the version history:


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