BackVideo (Experiment File)


Display a video in the background as the current file is presented.


MediaLab will play most video files that are supported by the Windows Media Player.


If you would like a video played in the background simply type in or select the name of the video file in this field.

Advanced Hints

By default, the video file in the Backvideo field will be centered on the screen and play at its encoded size. To specify a different location of the video file in the Backvideo field, use the top and left parameters in parentheses after the file name. For example, typing

myvideo.bmp (t50,l200)

into the Backvideo field will place the video file named "myvideo.bmp" 50 pixels from the top and 200 pixel from the left.

To specify the size of the Backvideo, use the width parameter (the height will automatically be adjusted proportionally). For example, tying

myvideo.bmp (w640)

into the Backvideo field will play the video file named "myvideo.bmp at a resolution of 640x480 pixels. A number of special width values (e.g., quarter screen, half screen, full screen) are also available as width parameters.

If you wish to combine top, left, and width parameters, make sure to place all the relevant parameters within a single set of parentheses.