BackSound (Experiment File)


If you would like a sound played in the background while another file type is presented then simply type or place in the name of a compatible sound file ( in this field. Play a wave or mpeg (mp3) sound file in the background when the current file is presented.


Any sound file with a .wav or .mp3 extension


Backsounds are sounds files that play while another file is being presented. Keep in mind that MediaLab will play backsound files to their completion. This allows for a backsound to play through multiple items if you care to structure things that way. To have MediaLab wait for the duration of the sound file and then automatically proceed, use the duration parameter for the item and specify the length of the sound clip in seconds. For example, type


into the Parameter(s) field of an item with the sound file to play a 30 second sound clip. You can find out the length of a sound clip by looking for the Length attribute of the sound clip; you should find it in the bottom the File Explorer window containing the sound file or by right clicking on the sound file selecting Properties and selecting the Details tab.