BackGround (Experiment Files)


Display an image in the background as the current file is presented.


Any image file with a .bmp, .jpg, or .gif extension


If you would like an image displayed in the background, simply type in or select  the name of the image file in this field.

Advanced Hints

You can specify the location of the background image in the same way as you do for the primary image using parameter values. This can be useful if you want to present two images (one as the main, and one as the background). To specify the location of the background image, place values for the top and left parameters in parentheses after the file name. For example typing

myimage.bmp (t50,l200)

into the Background field will place the background image 50 pixels from the top and 200 pixel from the left.

If you want to present images with Word or HTML documents, you can insert them directly into the Word or HTML documents.