Cyberball 5 Downloads

Download the latest Cyberball 5 applications and manual below.

Cyberball 5's development was made possible by NSF grant award #1339160.

Download Cyberball 5

Configuration App

Download version 5.3.0 of the configuration application for Windows here.

Note that once you have installed version 5.3.0 of the configuration application, the configuration application will automatically check for updates and update itself when new versions are released.

Also, the configuration application is used for configuring both the desktop and online versions of the game.

Windows Desktop Play App

Download version 5.3.0 of the desktop play application for Windows here.

Once you download the archive (.zip) at the above location, extract it and put it wherever you would like to play the game from.

Run the CB5RegKeyHandler.exe to configure the machine to allow the desktop version of Cyberball to work with Qualtrics. This is only necessary for Qualtrics integration with the desktop version of Cyberball.

As the manual notes, be sure you have a cb-files directory on the desktop of any machine you want to play or configure the game from.

Cyberball Online Version

The online version only requires you to configure an experiment through the Configuration App. After configuring your Cyberball experiment, simply upload it to the Cyberball servers with the Configuration Application.

Cyberball 5 Manual

For more details and instructions on using Cyberball 5 on the desktop and online, please download the manual here.

This latest version of the manual provides detailed instructions for embedding the Cyberball Config App generated url into Qualtrics.

Download a sample Qualtrics template (.qsf file) for embedding the Cyberball url into Qualtrics here.



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