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Thread: Send TTLs via (Virtual) Serial Port? (case 26512)

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    Send TTLs via (Virtual) Serial Port? (case 26512)


    I am using Medialab to send TTL signals to Biopac Acqknowledge software. Since I don't have a computer with a parallel port, I purchased the Cedrus Stimtracker. This device emulates a serial port. Is it possible to send TTL signals from Medialab via a serial port, rather than a parallel port?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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    You can use the comport.txt feature to send ttl signals from MediaLab over a serial port. See the section named "Sending Streams of Serial Data" here in the MediaLab manual:

    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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    Thanks for the advice!

    When I was previously using a parallel port to send the signals to Acqknowledge, I would write something like this in the parameters field to send a signal of 20 for one second: ,(<20:888:1000>). What would be the equivalent for sending it through the parallel port? (<{20:888:1000}>)?

    And, am I correct in understanding that my comport.txt file needs only the following information:
    comPort, baudRate, parity, dataBit, stopBit
    input code (1-255), response value (1-12)

    Thanks again,

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    When using the comport.txt file, the only thing you need between the braces-{}- and angular brackets-<> is the value you want to send. In you example, that should be the value 20, which should look like this:


    Other than that, give everything else you have a try to see if the ttl signal sends.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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