Hi, we are trying to connect MediaLab to the Biopac in order to have automated event markers. I have read through the piece in the manual about TTL signals, however, when I ran this example fille IOTest.exe it gave me an error message that it was an unrecognized database format. I have also read http://www.empirisoft.com/Support/sh...ht=eye+tracker.

I have a couple of questions:
1. When you enter the (d5, <value:location:duration>) into the parameters section. How do you send a signal at the beginning and end of your stimulus presentation? Would you just enter it like this:
(d5, <value:location:duration>)(d5, <value:location:duration>)
The first one being the signal representing the oneset of the stimulus and the second being the end of the stimulus.

2. In some cases, we will want to send a signal before and after someone has completed something. This means there will be no set time, how would you set this up?

3. Lastly, this may be a question for the Biopac people but...do you know how you would set up the input channels for Acqknowledge? We would like to send a signal from MediaLab to the Biopac's channel 8, which then is send to and recorded in Acqknowledge. Is there a specific item we have to alter in order for MediaLab to send the signal to Channel 8 on the Biopac?

Thanks for your help!