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Thread: MediaLab Version 2018

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    MediaLab Version 2018

    MediaLab v2018 (v2018.1.101)

    Changes, updates and bug fixes after the initial release of v2018 are documented here.

    As we continue to update v2018, all licensed users will have free access to the new releases (as well as any earlier versions). Announcement of new releases, feature additions, bug fixes and other updates will be regularly posted here.

    Most of the changes in v2018 reflect our efforts to maintain MediaLab's compatibility with the newest versions of Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10) while maintaining compatibility with earlier versions such as XP.
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    MediaLab v2018.1.113, Posted 4/22/2019


    • Added domain based licensing. We can now hard code your departmental domain name into MediaLab and DirectRT so that they will start up and run using the code 99998. IP based licensing was not an option for many departments that had internal IP addresses. But now, so long as the computers belong to a verifiable domain (e.g., "psych.osu.edu" then all is now easy!! If this sounds like a tremendous relief for your IT people, let us know!

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    For you

    domain-based licensing was added. Now that your departmental domain name has been hard coded into MediaLab and DirectRT, they will launch and function with the code 99998. With internal IP addresses, several departments were unable to use IP-based licensing. But now everything is simple as long as the machines are connected to a domain that can be verified, like "psych.osu.edu"! Please let us know if this seems like a huge relief for your IT staff.

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    very good.
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    good. thanks. لعبة بادل

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