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Thread: Thought listing question

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    Thought listing question

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    In my questionnaire I want subjects to list their thoughts up to 8 items. At the same time, I allow them to only list 3 item if they don't have any other thoughts. I know I can inform my subjects that they can always end the thought listing by using the ESC key. However, I am afraid that my subjects will avoid answering other thought listing questions after they know the function of the ESC key. So, I am wondering if I could create a skip (e.g., go to next question) to inform subjects (who have answered at least 3 items) that they can go to the next question if they don't have any other thoughts.
    Appreciate any reply!
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    No simple way to do this. I guess you could give them a 3-response thought listing. And then give them 5 additional single thought listing items, each preceded by a "do you have any more" question trhough the use of a 2-item scale response. In each case, if they answer "no", then it would skip them over the remaining items. Don’t know of any easier way off hand.
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    Is there a way, with the thought listing item type, to require participants to provide a minimum number of responses while allowing for more if they have them? For example, can we set up the program so that participants must provide at least 5 responses but can provide up to 15?
    [same answer as above]
    Your suggestion is close to what we've done so far, so I guess we're on the right track. We have two trial types set up: one for 5 responses, and a second for 10 responses and the option to Esc whenever they want. But this brings up another question: Is it possible to *not* have the item number come up in front of the response text box? The second set of response boxes starts with a "1" in front of it, and we're concerned that participants will mistakenly think that they have to type in the same words again. Not a big deal, really, because we can just delete repeated responses from the analysis, but just not ideal. Any thought?
    No formal way, but I just tried a trick that seems to work. Add a left parameter to your thought listing to move it toward the edge of the screen. It prevents the number from showing. e.g., (n5,l1)

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