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Thread: BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task) MediaLab 2012 (case 24256)

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    BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task) MediaLab 2012 (case 24256)

    Hey all!

    I am looking to include the BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task) in an experiment that I am running but I cannot seem to access it online. Does anyone have it programmed into MediaLab 2012?

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    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any MediaLab-ready version of this task. However, I'd be happy to help you where I can in aiding you in creating a task to suit your needs.

    If you could provide a brief "Methods section" style description of how you want your task to go, it would help me figure out what features of the software to suggest. Details like the number and type of balloon stimuli (i.e., still pictures, movies, etc.), the exact way participants would input their response, the number of trials, any randomization, etc. would be helpful.
    Jason Reed
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