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Thread: Embed DirectRT in Qualtrics (case 23683)

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    Embed DirectRT in Qualtrics (case 23683)

    I have a complete questionnaire in Qualtrics, and a complete experimental task in DirectRT. I need to embed the DirectRT task in the middle of my questionnaire and I can't find any current help on how to do this - people have mentioned MediaLab but help links have expired. I have never used MediaLab before. I'm looking for a way to embed the task in Qualtrics without moving it somewhere else.
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    If you want to use Qualtrics as the main program in which you embed other software like DirectRT, I would try contact the makers of Qualtrics to see what they have to say. They would know the capabilities of their product better in this regard.

    However, if you wish to use MediaLab as the program in which you embed other tasks, you can refer to this thread in the Empirisoft Support forums on how to embed Qualtrics in MediaLab:


    You can also use the DirectRT item type in MediaLab to run a DirectRT session. You can find information about this function here in the MediaLab manual:

    Jason Reed
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