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Thread: joystick not recognized (case 22902)

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    joystick not recognized (case 22902)


    I think this is a question asked previously on the support forum, but I could not find a reply that addressed the question completely. I have some Thrustmaster joysticks that I would like to use on our Windows 7 computers in the lab. These have USB interfaces. The computers in the lab do not have serial ports, and simply plugging in the joysticks into the USB ports does not seem to help with MLCalibrate. The error I get is that the program did not detect any joystick. Could you let me know if there is a fix? I am running Medialab v2012.


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    Faulty port

    I am sure that you have issues with your computer usb port or the joystick you have contains a faulty cable. Use other cable and see if the problem is in port or in the cable. I do not think this is a software issue as windows have builtin usb port driver. Still if the cable and the port are fine then you can check the driver as well.

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