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Thread: reaction time precision (case 22725)

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    reaction time precision (case 22725)

    I'm currently in the market for the most suitable software for a series of reaction time experiments. I need millisecond precision.

    When you say,
    • Uses Microsoft?s DirectX to gain the fastest access possible to input events from the keyboard, mouse, joystick and soundcard.

    does that mean DirectRT can circumvent the inherent ~10-30ms latency associated with keyboards? Or that is simply achieves the highest precision apart from these hardware events?

    Thank you for any assistance.
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    Hi Trey,

    DirectRT processes input to the system as quickly as they become available.

    To overcome the typical delay and timing variances found in regular keyboards, we offer the DirectIN button boxes, keyboard and rotary controller. All three of these peripherals are polled by the host PC once per millisecond, which greatly improves timing measurement precision.


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