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Thread: sending a ttl when a response is given (case 22421)

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    sending a ttl when a response is given (case 22421)


    Is there a way to send a ttl signal (to an EEG recorder) when a response is given?
    I know how to send ttl when stimuli are presenting. but is there a way to send ttl every time a response is detected?
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    Hi RoyShoval!

    Take a look at the attached .csv input file for a set-up I think will accomplish what you want. I modified the sendttl.csv file that comes with the Samples folder of DirectRT (see this section of the DirectRT manual for more information: http://www.empirisoft.com/directrt/h...tl_signals.htm) if you want to try to run this.

    Each trial with a keypress starts off by asking for the user to press any key. As soon as that keypress is detected, each trial is then set up to do two things: send a ttl signal for 10 milliseconds and display a blank screen for 10 milliseconds. You can run this and then compare the amount of time that keypress took to make and the display and send times for the ttl signal and blank screen at the end of the trial with the data from the EEG recorder to see how they match up to test this possible solution. Of course, make sure that the port addresses in the attached file match those of your computer before running it.
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