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Thread: problem with the mouse curser on a laptop (case 22399)

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    problem with the mouse curser on a laptop (case 22399)


    I programmed a choice task in which participants making their choices by pressing objects on the screen with the mouse cursor. In order to do so I created the file ?cursor.txt? and everything went grate.
    Now I?ve taken this task and placed it on a different computer ? a laptop computer. I adjusted the numbers in the ?cursor.txt? and didn?t touch anything else, so this should work. However, I encountered a problem that I don?t know how to solve.
    After a mouse press on an object, the task should jump to a feedback trial that is located at the end of the input file, and present it for 750 MS before continuing with the experiments (in the time column the number is 750). This works grate on the desktop computer but is not working properly on the laptop computer. It seems that the feedback trial that should be presented for 750 MS is stuck unless the mouse has moved. If for example, while the feedback trial is presenting the participant does not move the mouse at all, the feedback slide will be stuck on the screen forever. However, once the mouse is moved the feedback slide is disappearing and the task continue to run. This happens on each trail ? every time when the feedback slide is presenting it is stuck until the mouse moves.

    I hope I explained the problem well, and I hope you can help me with it.
    Roy Shoval
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    Hi Roy!

    What happens if you use the laptop to run the file named cursor.csv in the Samples folder that came with DirectRT? It should be located on the computer at C:\DirectRT\Samples\6 - v2006\cursor.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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