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Thread: video sometimes appears small (case 22026)

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    video sometimes appears small (case 22026)


    In the experiment one video should be shown. Usually it works well and on different computers, but on one computer the video was just shown very, very small (about 1cm^2) and only sometimes. It does not seem like there is any pattern..

    And is there any way to see in which trials it happened?

    Thank you and kind regards
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    Hello elliotreid!

    To see what trials in which it happens, create a version of your .csv input file that has no randomization (i.e., it uses only values of 0 in the bgr and wgr cells). Then, run a session and keep track yourself about which trials malfunction. You can also refer the file named TrackPerformance.txt in the DirectRT program folder to see if there were any errors logged during the DirectRT session.

    Please also feel free to send me your DirectRT files and screenshots and I will be happy to look at them. You can either upload them here or send them to support@empirisoft.com (please refer to case 22026 in the email).
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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