Hi all,

A task in my experiment asks people to remember the word from a cue (e.g. "DI_ _ _ _ _" shows and the participants are supposed to write "DIAGRAM").
I want to set the exposure time and response window to the cue to 8000ms, and the trouble I have so far is that the responses they make (which allows me to see if people were able to remember it or not) will not be recorded unless the participants have pressed the enter key right after their responses. The problem with people pressing enter is that doing so will allow them to move onto the next trial before 8 seconds have passed (thus the stimuli exposure time is not uniform across the trials).

A solution I can think of is showing the cue "DI_ _ _ _ _" for 8000-n ms in which the n indicates number of ms participants spent to type in the answer. For example, if participant A were able to write "DIAGRAM" in the first 5seconds and pressed enter, he/she will be shown the cue "DI_ _ _ _ _" for 3 seconds before moving onto the next trial with a different cue.

I have been looking everywhere in order to find the solution but so far i haven't been lucky I also tried using the custom items but it also does not record the answers without the enter input.

Please let me know if you have any idea how to tackle or approach this problem. Thank you so much for your help!!!