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Thread: Runtime error 3055 (case 21271)

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    Runtime error 3055 (case 21271)


    Our lab purchased the upgrade last year. And we have used the version, 2014.1.105.
    This year we change several computers. And we downloaded the version, 2014.1.125.
    When we try to open those, we have an error message, 3055.
    We cannot figure out what it means. We have to start the experiments next week.
    Please lest us know how we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Seungjo Lee from Korea
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    Please tell me more about this error message 3055. Does it have a message? If so, please tell me what the message says or send me a picture of what shows up on the screen.

    When does the error message 2055 show up? Can you open MediaLab at all? Does it only show up when you already opened MediaLab but try to run one file?

    You said you changed several computers and then reinstalled the latest version of MediaLab 2014. Did you get this error before on the old computers?

    Please send me a copy of your computer's dxdiag report for the new computers. This is straightforward to make. Click on the Start button, type dxidag into the Search box, run the dxdiag.exe application, and save a copy of the dxdiag.txt report to send to me. If all the computers have the same hardware and software, you only need to send me the dxdiag report from one of the computers.

    Finally, what version of Microsoft Access do these new computers have?


    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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    Runtime error 3055, Resolved.

    Nice to meet you, again. ijoylee

    Only English!! Not only filename but also every-folder-path where file contains

    If your file path is

    You should change Korean(or any language) to English, Like below.

    In detail
    I just resolved what "Runtime Error 3055"
    That's because "non-unicode folder location!"

    Media lab and
    Direct RT read only english..

    If Folder-paths are not in English,
    occurs "Runtime Error 3055, \ Not a valid file name."

    If Folder-paths are in English, but only File-name is not in English,
    occurs Medialab reads file-name as "??????.exp" and cannot read your file.

    [content edited by moderator]

    Problem, Solved.
    Jihyuk Song, from Korea.
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    Thank you for this wonderful information, sleepfrontofmtv!

    We will make sure to add this to our records for consideration in future versions of MediaLab.

    Please know that you can always post any questions you have about MediaLab or DirectRT here on the Support Forum webpage or send them to us at support@empirisoft.com. We will do our best to help you find a resolution.

    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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