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Thread: Restricting response window (case 21255)

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    Restricting response window (case 21255)


    I have a trial in which the participants are required to fill in the blanks of the word stem (e.g. ap_ _ _). I want to set the trials to 8 seconds but since I want to make sure that people have enough time to answer it, I want the word stem to go away after 8 seconds (in order to control for stimuli exposure time), but still want the answer box alive until they hit "enter" to proceed to the next trial. I also do not want them to be able to move onto the next trial before 8 seconds have passed, in order to make sure that people won't race through the trials. I've learned how to project the stimuli for 8 seconds through the information on the forum, but my I am struggling to find answers for the problems below:

    1. I want the response box to pop up with the stimuli
    2. I want the stimuli (word stem) gone after 8 seconds but the answer box to be still there after 8 seconds
    3. I want to prevent people from hitting the enter key before 8 seconds have passed (they can press enter whenever they after 8 seconds).

    Please let me know if you have any idea about how to tackle those problems. Thank you for your help in advance!
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    Do you want to use MediaLab or DirectRT to do this task?

    If you have any files you've created so far, please upload them here as an attachment to a forum post or send them to me directly at support@empirisoft.com; please refer to case 21255 in the email.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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