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Thread: Complex Skip Pattern Not Working (case 21014)

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    Complex Skip Pattern Not Working (case 21014)

    I am trying to develop a complex skip pattern for a psychopathology interview. All questions are answered yes or no and based on the responses or the number of responses in a specific section, the interview will go in different directions.

    I have created simple skips directly in medialab (i.e. If 1a is yes, skip to question 2, if 1a is no, go to 1b). I have now created a responses.xls file for complex skips and I am trying to figure out the appropriate formula.

    Section A is divided into two parts. The first part has 8 questions. If none of the questions have a yes answer, the participant is taken directly to section B. If any of the 8 questions are answered yes, the participant continues on to the next question in section A. Medialab exports no answers as a 1 and yes's as a 2 into excel so I created the formula:

    With cell A5 being the first question in section A and cell A12 being the 8th. ADHDa05 is the variable name for the second half of section A and ADHDb1a is the 1st variable in section B.

    When I run medialab, if all questions are answered no, it responds appropriately and if all answers are yes, it responds appropriately. However, if there is a combination of yes's and no's, medialab skips the rest of Section A while those questions actually need to be asked.
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    Hi aschleining!

    If you can either upload copies of these files here or send them to me at support@empirisoft.com, I will be happy to take a look at them.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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    Hi Jason,
    I've attached a zip file with my documents. Empirisoft Help.zip

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