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Thread: Add up correct responses (case 20611)

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    Add up correct responses (case 20611)

    I was wondering if MediaLab can add up the number of correct responses to multiple choice questions, and then show participants how many questions they got right?


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    You should be able to accomplish this using the responses.xls feature. (You can find information about this feature of MediaLab here in the MediaLab manual: http://www.empirisoft.com/medialab/h...d_features.htm)

    Basically, the responses.xls file you create will record the responses in the same style as the default MediaLab data files for any item names you include in the Variable column of the responses.xls file. Based on those responses that show up in the Value cells of the responses.xls file, you can create formulas to record whether those responses were "correct" or "incorrect." Take a look at the Calculated Scores page of the MediaLab manual for an example: http://www.empirisoft.com/medialab/h...ted_scores.htm.

    You can also find an examples of the responses.xls file in the Sample folder that came with your installed MediaLab program folder (most likely installed on the hard drive of your computer at C:\MediaLab\Samples\Sample6 advanced features. You can also see an example on these other Empirisoft support forum threads:

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