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Thread: Error Message "This array is fixed or temproarily locked" (case 19682)

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    Error Message "This array is fixed or temproarily locked" (case 19682)

    I made a vigilance task with lots of "fill in the blank" form (when the background picutres appear, participants write the location). But the problem is that after doing 1 minutes (d60), the error popped up.

    It says "10 Tihs array is fixed or temporarily locked". And when I clicked ok, it also says
    "this background file " was requested but not foudn. this item will be ignored."

    I will send email that attaches the error message my experiment file.
    I'd really appreciate if you reply as soon as possible,

    Thank you.
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    Make sure that the pathways for any files you use like .bmp or .html files are correctly specified for each item in the .que files that use them. Also, try not using anything but letters when you name your file folders that have the .bmp or .html files. Maybe try putting all of the .bmp and .html files in a single file folder with a simple name like "files."
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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