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Thread: Problems with background color (case 17971)

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    Problems with background color (case 17971)

    Hi all,

    I am having an issue with MediaLab 2008 to which I was hoping someone could lend some advice. I realize this is the v2014 forum, but no one has posted in the past versions forums in years, so here I am!

    One of the questionnaires in my experiment is a series of photos followed by a film clip. The background of the photos and video is set to black using the parameters option in "details." After the video, there are a few questionnaires of the "instructions" form. The problem is that the black background is also present on the instructions questionnaires when it shouldn't be and I can't get it back to default or any other color when I run the full experiment. Some things I have tried unsuccessfully to fix it:

    - Setting the background of the instructions questionnaire to other colors. When I preview these questionnaires, the right colors are present, but when I run the experiment it goes black again.
    - Trying a different questionnaire format. Same thing happens when I use html rather than instructions.
    - Changing the instructions questionnaire from it's own questionnaire to an item within the same questionnaire as the photos and video.

    - I also tried switching up the order of photos, video, and instructions. So the correct order of things within this questionnaire is 15 photos, then 1 video, then 1 instructions. When I put the instructions in the middle of the photos and run the experiment, the color of the instructions is correct (not black). When I make the order photo, video, instructions, rest of the the photos, the color of the instructions is also not black. However, when I make it 15 photos, video, instructions (which is what I really need for the experiment), the instructions go black again. Argh!

    Any insight into how to alleviate this issue would be sincerely appreciated. Please let me know if I can make any of this clearer.

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    Please upload a copy of your MediaLab files here or send them to me directly at support@empirisoft.com. I will be happy to take a look at them.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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