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Thread: Push install and IP licensing (case 17444)

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    Push install and IP licensing (case 17444)

    I'm interested in pushing MediaLab/DirectRT installs in my department with the following batch script, pushed out with Altiris Deployment Solution. I have two questions about this:

    1- If I run this locally on a PC from cmd or by double-clicking on the .bat, it works perfectly. If I push it out with Altiris Deployment Solution, the software never gets installed and the .bat hangs waiting for the folders to appear, which never happens.

    2- Once the proper license files are in place, on first launch, it still asks for a code, requiring the first user to type in "99999". Is there a command-line method to not require this on first launch?


    copy /y "\\\NSCap\Software\MLDRT\mldrt2010.3.exe" %temp%
    %temp%\mldrt2010.3.exe /S /v/qn
    if not exist %systemdrive%\MediaLab GOTO WAIT
    if not exist %systemdrive%\DirectRT GOTO WAIT
    ping > nul
    copy /y "\\\NSCap\Software\MLDRT\licenseML2010ip.dll" %systemdrive%\MediaLab
    copy /y "\\\NSCap\Software\MLDRT\licenseRT2010ip.dll" %systemdrive%\DirectRT
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    Please send this information directly to service@empirisoft.com and one or our representatives will be happy to assist you.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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