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Thread: Changing string to uppercase (case 17336)

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    Changing string to uppercase (case 17336)

    Dear Forum,

    we experienced a problem in our ML-experiment. A quite bothersome problem.

    Our goal is to use a user-input string in ML in a DirectRT trial later in the experiment. But this user input (a name, like "Tom" or "Jim" ...) should be converted to UPPERCASE ("TOM" or "JIM") before using it in DirectRT.

    1. Okay, first, we didn't find an internal function in ML which does converts strings to uppercase.
    2. We wrote a batch file who converts the content of a ML output textfile (e.g. "name.txt") containing the user input to uppercase.
    3. We found out that ML doesn't execute bat files.
    4. We converted the turnuppercase.bat to an exe file: turnuppercase.exe (with a program called Bat to Exe Converter)

    ML executes this file, but after executing it the participant has to click "continue" (on the bottom right) for about four or five times. This is quite bothersome. Maybe someone has an idea what to do. Maybe there's an other solution for converting the string to uppercase, which we didn't try out yet...

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    Could you either upload a copy of these files here or send them directly to me at support@empirisoft.com; please reference case 17336 in any emails. I'd like to try and run them on my copy of MediaLab.

    Also, what version of MediaLab do you use? You can find the full version number (i.e., v.20xx.x.xxx) by opening MediaLab and selecting Help>About MediaLab from the main program menu bar.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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