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Thread: DirectRT v2012 producing unified RT (1500s) with mic on (Case 16398)

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    DirectRT v2012 producing unified RT (1500s) with mic on (Case 16398)

    When using a fixed time method (rt: aud, rec, 1500) DirectRT v2012 is still picking up unified RT measures of 1500s when the mic is on.
    The microphone being used is 'Logitech G230 Stereo gaming headset'. The internal mic on the computer has also been used, however the same problem occurs. It appears that all necessary software and drivers for the microphone are installed but the problem persists. The voices can be listened to after the trails (they are being recorded) however the RT is still unified at 1500s.
    The DirectRT AudioRT sound check does not have as issue in monitoring the voices (the Blue line varies in accordance with your voice). However when testing the RT it responds randomly (half the time it will record a RT and half the time it will read "no mic input is detected. Make sure you mic is plugged in"). There is also a "Run time error 53" being reported in both the Check sound levels and Check recording tap found in the DirectRT AudioRT sound check.
    Are there potential explanations for the persisting problem?

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