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Thread: Video doesn't play properly in some conditions and works great in others (case16899)

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    Video doesn't play properly in some conditions and works great in others (case16899)

    I have 3 conditions that play the same 52 seconds long .mov video. It works great in one condition but it doesn't play properly in the other 2 conditions. When it doesn't play properly, I see a black square in the middle of the screen where the video is supposed to be playing and a tiny square clinging to the top edge of the screen, playing the video. The audio is fine. The video file is in the same folder with the .exp file. Could anyone tell me what's going on here?

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    A couple of questions, hou1b:

    1) What is the full version number of your copy of MediaLab? You can find it (i.e., v.20xx.x.xxx) by opening MediaLab and selecting Help>About MediaLab from the main menu bar.

    2) When you say that it runs fine in one condition but not the other two, do you run the conditions in a particular order when this error happens? For example, is it a particular condition that always works or breaks or a case where whatever condition is run first works and everything that follows after doesn't work with the video? Try running a each condition by itself, closing MediaLab, reopening MediaLab, and then running a different condition.

    3) Have you tried other types of movie files besides a .mov file?

    4) Does the video file play find if you run it directly in Windows Media Player?

    I'll also be happy to take a look at any files you send me. You can either upload them here or directly send them to me at support@empirisoft.com. If you send them to my email, please refer to case 16899 in the subject line.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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