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Thread: Essay Qn: "Runtime Error 76, Path not Found"

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    Essay Qn: "Runtime Error 76, Path not Found"

    Hi there,
    I have a problem and I don't know why. Wonder if anybody can help? I ran an Essay type questionaire on MediaLab and I was prompted "Runtime Error 76, Path not Found", and then the whole application will shut down... At first I though it is happening to that one particular que file but when I change some of my other questionnaires (which were running fine) to Essay (e.g. changing a "fill in the blank" type to "Essay"), the same message popped up and the application will close. Any idea what is happening?

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    Does the error happen right away or when it reaches a particular item in the questionnaire? If the latter, can you post your que file as an attachment and let me know which item is causing the problem?

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    Here it the que

    Hi, it happens after I click "continue".

    Here is something else which I just realised. I created the que in my local PC at home and then uploaded it into the server. When I run the que from my local PC, it works fine. The problem only occurs when I run it from the server.

    So I have attached the "server version" of the que here, assuming that this is the one with the problem.

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Additional Info

    By the way, I notice that MediaLab prompted the following when I tried to run the file: "Unable to create or access data folders. If running experiment off of a cd-rom, specify an alternate data folder in Preference." Perhaps this is the reason why the error message appeared. If this is truly the case, can you advise what I should do?... I need to run the experiment on Monday 430pm... 8(


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    If you right click on the folder and select properties, is the checkbox marked "read-only" checked? If so, try unchecking it. If not, try deleting your data folder and starting fresh.

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    I tried doing that. first unchecking read only, then creating a new data file. But the error message keeps popping up. - unable to access or create data file.
    Is this something I should be concerned about?

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    If you delete the data folder, does MediaLab create a new one when you try to start the session?

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    it doesn't create a new data file. but it seems to record the data - but in separate files i.e. a txt, excel file, and an spss file.

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    Where are those file located? i.e., what path exactly?

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    in the same folder as the .que and .exp.
    so not a separate file called Data. It's also not creating Byquestionnaire and Byvariable folders.

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    Can you zip and either send or post the whole experiment folder. This sounds really odd!

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