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Thread: Measuring Keydown Time?

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    Measuring Keydown Time?

    [edited from support email]

    I need to get time stamps for both the press and the release of a button, for a study that distinguishes "reaction time" (time between presentation of a stimulus and the release of a home button) and "movement time" (time between the release of the home button and the pressing of a target button).

    I'm wondering if your standard response boxes have this feature. If not, could a box with this feature be custom-made? Also, would DirectRT be required (or recommended) for this type of study?

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    The feature you've described isn't available as part of our standard button boxes. To the outside world, they appear to be regular QWERTY keyboards. As long as a key is pressed, a stream of regular keycodes are transmitted to
    the computer.

    So if your software can measure 'keydown' time, you're home free.

    That being said, DirectT can make this type of measurement without any problem. Take a look at this for a sample of the syntax:


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