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Thread: Keyboard Mapping

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    Keyboard Mapping

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    We are using one of your DirectIN keyboard (operating information document is dated Summer 2005). I'm currently using the keyboard on an intel-based MacBook Pro (2.6 GHz intel core 2 duo, OS X 10.4.10).. It seems to work well in tests via MATLAB, but alt/option and command keys are reversed in all applications. This is not a serious problem, but it is a nuisance, and I'm hoping you can offer some advice to remedy the problem.
    BTW, I'm very impressed with your product, and hope to order a few when I return to my lab in.... You might consider running some tests from within the PsychToolbox in MATLAB, and posting your results in their forum -- a low-cost, ms-accuracy keyboard would be very attractive to the large number of researchers using that toolbox to collect data.

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    FYI - the key map swapping of 'command' and 'opt/option' was done purposefully, to better match existing Windows keyboards we'd used.

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    We've been doing our own timing tests for a while now. I was unaware that Matlab has a function to do this. Would be nice given that (I assume) it's standardized method of testing keyboard speed/accuracy. Will definitely check it out, thanks. Regarding the key mapping, check this out and see if it helps:


    I'd be really curious to know if it works well for you and if it affects the timing data you get via the Matlab test utility. John, do you know if key remapping like this would affect the keyboard data?
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