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Thread: Touch Screen and Stimuli Issues (case 10592)

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    Touch Screen and Stimuli Issues (case 10592)

    Touch Screen Issue: My computers are locking up approximately 50% of the time I run touch screen experiments. In short, the touch screen stops responding and I have to hit ctrl alt delete and then log off the computer (Esc and end task do nothing). I have replicated this on other computers: however, they all have the same hardware/software.

    Dell Desktop with Windows 7
    DirectRT Version 2012.4.0.160
    Planar PXL2230MW touch screen monitor (http://goo.gl/fEaNo)

    I have uploaded one of the experiments that keeps crashing on me. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. The experiments seem to play fine if I delete the touch.txt file and use the keypad.

    Stimuli Issues: I am using Gimp and Audacity to create bmp and wav files. Approximately 10-20% of my wav files will not play in DirectRT, even though I used the same method for exporting out of Audacity. All of my bmp files exported from Gimp do not play in DirectRT; thus, I have to create the files in Gimp, export to bmp, open in Paint, and re-save as a bmp. This is a tedious process and I lose my transparent backgrounds when I re-save using Paint. What is the best way to create transparent bmp's and wav files? Anyone else having issues with Gimp and Audacity?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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