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Thread: sound stim-rec rt give a notification & keep the sound running (case 12030)

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    sound stim-rec rt give a notification & keep the sound running (case 12030)

    I need to run a sound stimulus (sentence) and have participants click a key to indicate their rating of it's content (2 options). According to the key pressed I need a notification to be presented on the screen ("you pressed X or Y"). I need rt to be recorded (how long it took them to rate) but I don't want the sentence to stop while the notification is presented.

    Thank you

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    To play the recording of your sentence until its end, you will want to tell your input file to play the appropriate sound file and use the Styles file to control how long the sound recording gets played. As detailed in the Other Features > Play Sounds section of the DirectRT manual, "Playing sound files in DirectRT is accomplished the same way every other stimulus is presented-by listing the sound file name in the Stim column. To tell DirectRT that it should be looking for a sound file, precede the filename with "!' Each sound file you use in your DirectRT input file will play to completion, so you don't need to worry about explicitly telling Direct to do so.

    You use the time cell right after the stim cell with the name of your sound stimuls to set up your key presses in response to the sound file. To define your two keypresses for participants, you can use rt: followed by the keycodes for whaterver two keys you wish your participants to use (See the Input Files > Time > KeyPresses, MouseClicks, and Discrete JoyStick Motions section of the DirectRT manual for more information).

    Finally, you can use the feedback feature to display what key participants pressed. See the Other Features > Key Press Feedback section of the DirectRT manual for information about how to use this feature.
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