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Thread: visual and sound stimuli (case 9308)

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    visual and sound stimuli (case 9308)

    I am trying to present visual stimuli that depends upon a participant action (e.g. when they click a button, something appears), while simultaneously presenting sound stimuli that is at fixed intervals (regardless of how quickly the participant responds to the visual stimuli). I can get these to work on their own, but not together within the program.

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    Hi ARLUser.

    Would you mind sending me a copy of the input file that you are using? It would be helpful for me to see what you have already tried.


    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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    Input files

    Hi Jason,

    This was posted by one of our technology staff members, in an effort to help me with my programming issue.

    I've uploaded a few trials to briefly explain one of the problems I'm having. In an effort to make the sound files play at predetermined ITIs, I used the styles.drt document to specify a time window for each stimulus.

    Pps are to press the #1 key, wait for the tone, and then press the #2 key if they hear a target tone. I would like the time window after the tone to be long enough for participants to respond (i.e. a few seconds), however, if I make the styles time frame longer, it messes up the next trial for participants who respond quickly.

    You'll see that if you press button 2 quickly after hearing a tone, and then quickly press button 1 for the next trial, the next tone never sounds. (In fact, it will sound upon releasing button 1.)

    I can't seem to find a way to display tones at predetermined ITIs while simultaneously recording RTs, or non-responses as correct, in DirectRT.
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    Thanks for the files that you sent. I ran them on my computer and got the tone to sound on each of the three trials. It also looks like the data recorded everything properly. Take a look at the attached input file and data files and let me know if you have any questions.

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    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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