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Thread: MediaLab will not run a DirectRT v2010.3 session (case 7260)

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    MediaLab will not run a DirectRT v2010.3 session (case 7260)

    A note to users running DirectRT v2010.3:

    With the DirectRT 2010.3 version, if you ever use MediaLab to call DirectRT in any of your studies, you might find that MediaLab can't find DirectRT--it may even lock up when it tries to look for it. Or you may get a "file not found" error. If this happens, it'll be because of an Install Shield typo in the registry and it can be easily fixed. Again, it's an issue than only affects DirectRT v2010.3 (it's not a problem in v2012, and it's not a problem with MediaLab). So if you use MediaLab (any version) to call DirectRT v2010.3 in and it's not working then here is a fix:

    From the Windows Start menu, type "regedit" and navigate to the following registry keys:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\AppPaths\DirectRT.exe


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\App Paths\executeDRT.exe

    In both cases, there needs to be a string variable called "Path" and the value needs to be "C:\DirectRT\" or wherever the folder is located that holds the directrt.exe and executedrt.exe files.

    Note the key needs to be named "Path". If there is no such key you may need to create it. Just right click and select "New > String Value". Name it "Path" and assign the "C:\DirectRT\" value to it.
    After you do this, MediaLab (and other programs) should be able to find DirectRT because this is where they look to find the folder where its files are located. If you have any question or run into trouble--let us know at support @empirisoft.com and we'll walk you through it!
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