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Thread: getting v0009 spss message (case 6533)

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    getting v0009 spss message (case 6533)


    I'm getting a message about a string value in v0009, at the end of my questionnaire. I haven't made any changes and haven't gotten this message before.

    Any idea?
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    Hi tamar. Am I understanding correctly that you have a variable in your SPSS data file named "v0009" that hasn't been present before? If this is the case, it's likely that SPSS believes that a new, unamed variables is present in your data. If SPSS has data in a column for which no variable name is assigned, it will assign a default name to that variable, either "v000X" or "VAR000X", depending on the version, where X is simply a number SPSS uses to denote the variable.

    If you open the data file in Excel, do all of your columns appear as they normally do? It's worth checking to ensure that no additional data is being written to your data file in Excel (this would show up as your more recent trials having data in additional columns beyond your last named column). If this is the case, then when the data went to SPSS you would have an extra column for which SPSS had no name, and it would assign a default name (in your case, v0009). I've had a similar hiccup happen to me in the past, where extra data was written at the begging of my data file and my columns were thus thrown off, so this can happen even if you aren't able to track down any recent changes you might have made.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if this resolves the problem or if you have any more information about the issue.


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    more info

    Upload your file(s). I will gladly take look...

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