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Thread: Subliminal priming on laptops? (case 5760)

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    Subliminal priming on laptops? (case 5760)

    I'm hoping to conduct a subliminal priming study on a laptop using DirectRT. Has anyone had success with subliminal priming on laptops? If so, our lab is going to purchase new computers for this study - does anyone have advice on the best laptops to use for subliminal priming tasks?


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    Works on 5+ year laptop

    I've run simple DirectRT subliminal priming experiment on a 2007 Thinkpad (Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.8 ghz, 2 gig ram) successfully. However, if I had too many programs running at once, reducing the computer's performance, the primes were visible. So it can be done with a fairly old (in computer years) laptop, just make sure you're not handicapping it with slow performance or incorrectly configured display settings.

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    Laptop Purchasing Help

    Hi beinbean. As User2000 said, pretty much any modern laptop should be able to run a priming experiment via DirectRT just fine. If you're not tied to a university purchase agreement regarding where you get your laptops, you might want to check out www.edealPC.com. It's a site that aggregates sales from major brands and points you to the corresponding page. I've found it to be pretty good resource for finding good deals. Nowadays it's rare to find a laptop with less than 4 GB of RAM, so you should have no problem running your study on even the lower end systems that are available. Happy hunting!

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