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Thread: Style File (case 2633)

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    Style File (case 2633)

    Good Afternoon,

    We are having some trouble with our DirectRT style files. We are using the DirectRT version 2010.3.109, and we cannot seem to have individual style files for separate experiments—but rather when we make edits to any style file it makes changes across ALL style files (meaning, any changes impact all style files).

    This is a major issue since different programs are using different styles and when the file is changed across the board it is changing the way other programs are working.

    How do we go about creating individual style files for each program as we used to do in the past? Any idea why this may have started to happen?

    Thanks in advance for the help,

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    DirectRT styles

    DirectRT will look for a style file in the directory that the experiment is it, otherwise it will default to the styles file in the main DirectRT directory. If you change the one in the main directory, and not create copies to the individual experiment directories, it will change the styles for all experiments without a specific styles file. I suggest arranging each experiment into an individual folder, and copy the main styles file into each experiment folder. I would then rename the styles file to specify which experiment it belongs to and adapt it to what the experiment needs. Hope this helps.

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