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Thread: DirectRT 2008 Problem (case 5442)

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    DirectRT 2008 Problem (case 5442)

    We are running an IAT with DirectRT Version 2008.2.103.1115. After a certain number of slides, the IAT ends before it should. We are consistently running into this problem over multiple computers. Any ideas to help?
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    Hi jmucards. That sound very frustrating. Does your session always end at the same slide, or does it end after a different number of slides each time? It it's always ending at the same slide, you might want to check to be sure that the trial in question doesn't include any skip logic that might cause the session to end before you'd like it to.

    Would you be able to upload a copy of the input file? I might be able to spot the problem if I could look at the input file that you're using.


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