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Thread: Forced Choice & Pairwise Presentation

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    Forced Choice & Pairwise Presentation


    I was wondering how to create an experiment that presents images pairwise on the screen, together with a questions (e.g. Which face do you think is more attractive?).

    Is there a way that the subjects can click on the images for providing their statements (or at least on buttons below the images)? Could the faces be randomly chosen from a certain "images" folder, or do I need to create maps with all combinations of pairs in an imaging program (or Powerpoint) and tell Medialab to randomize these maps/slides?

    Any experiences and/or suggestions about how to figure out such "forced choice" design will be highly acknowledged!

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    MediaLab allows you to enter image names in place of text labels for scale responses. So you could just use a 2-point scale response, each with an associated image in place of the usual label. You can resize and position the buttons anywhere you like. There is a zipped sample that illustrates this in the second sample folder (the last item believe). If you try it, let me know if you have any trouble with it.

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    Thanks much for your help! I will try and see if I get things running. Best wishes, B.

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