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Thread: Repository for questionnaires (case 3057)

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    Repository for questionnaires (case 3057)


    Is there a repository for questionnaires any where? It would be great if people could share questionnaires, since there are many common paper and pencil versions that are frequently used. I'd bet many researchers have spent time converting them to ML when someone else has already done so.

    I'm currently looking for an IQ test, if anyone has something like that htey would like to share.


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    hi Jon,

    According to the MediaLab manual there is a MediaLab Warehouse located at


    However, attempts to access it result in an error currently. Hopefully, the warehouse will be accessible soon, and users can continue to add to it.

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    Hi Jon,

    Both of the researchers associated with the warehouse have moved on to different universities than the original host institution for the warehouse (Roese is at Kellogg School of Management and Pickett is at UC Davis) and neither seems to have re-posted the warehouse.

    You could try getting in touch with them directly, but in the meantime check out http://www.empirisoft.com/support/forumdisplay.php?f=25 for a look at what other people have shared (apologies if you've already searched it and didn't find what you were looking for).

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