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Thread: MediaLab 2010 Fill In the Blank (case 2165)

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    MediaLab 2010 Fill In the Blank (case 2165)

    I have a question regarding the "write data" and "write text" boxes in the medialab folders. In 2010 a study was run that used the Fill-In-The-Blank option, and when the data is being looked at from a different angle now, we noticed that when participants wrote more then 50 characters into the fill-in-the-blank SPSS did not record the complete response. I am wondering if there is anyway to recover the additional responses that were not recorded, as well as what the function is of the "write text" "write data" check boxes. Both of these were checked off, would this have any affect on the way the data was recorded?

    So basically I am curious if there is a way to recover what was not stored in SPSS for the Fill In the Blank, (if perhaps the data gets stored elsewhere, like the essays do?) and what the actual funtions are of the "write data" and "write text" options.

    *Also, for the future, is there a way to record more then 50 characters in a fill in the blank or is this a preset funtion? or would the essay option be a better fit?

    Thank you for all your help
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    Any data that is collected during the MediaLab session is there in the data files you already have.

    The "Write Data" function tells MediaLab to record data for that item in the data files.

    The "Write Data as Text" option makes it so that MediaLab will write the data to the data file with quotes surrounding it. It will also indicate in the SPSS input file that the variable format is text; otherwise, value formats are recorded as numeric. Missing values for items with the Write as Text field checked will also be treated as text format; otherwise missing data values will be recorded as numeric format.

    You may want to consider the essay option for the future if you want to allow for more characters. Be aware that the essay responses are each recorded in their own .txt file separate from the rest of the MediaLab data files.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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