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Thread: wav sound 16 bit does not work in v2012 (case 3904)

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    wav sound 16 bit does not work in v2012 (case 3904)


    I have a input file with a sound --when I use of the sample sound files (monkey.wav) then the sound works. When I use my own wav file it does not work. I googled and found it should be converted to 16 bit, which I did, but that didnt help. I am attaching the file that doesnt work. Can anybody help please!? Thanks

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    hi Jacqueline,

    When I opened the file that you had attached via Audacity, it showed Mono, 44100 Hz and 32-bit.

    Before exporting your file via Audacity, select the downward-pointing arrow next to the file name, select “Set Sample Format” and then select 16-bit PCM.

    See screenshot attached [pdf].

    The new file [“clock-16bit.wav” attached] worked when I used it in the DirectRT sample “dichotic.csv”.
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