I would like to interface a Q-sensor (skin conductance recording equipment) with the DirectRT software, such that DirectRT sends a TTL signal to the Q-sensor every time a stimulus is presented or a response is given by the participant. The Q-sensor comes with a software which displays (using a Bluetooth connection) a live-streaming of the recorded data, but the data are actually stored on the external device, the Q-sensor itself. I've been trying to configure the interface but I ran into some very substantial problems and doubts:

1. Is it actually possible to establish a communication between DirectRT and the Q-sensor via a Bluetooth connection? Is DirectRT capable to connect to COM ports?

2. When I add the device to the PC, it tells me which input and output ports are used by the device, in my laptop it says only COM 4, but trying in another PC it would tell us one input port and one output port, usually COM 4 and COM 6, but this would also change sometime. So we tried to find the port address in order to tell DirectRT where to send the TTL signals, but we weren't able to. There is no tab called Resources for the COM ports, and the address found in Internet (744 for COM4) doesn't seem to work using the I/O-Test utility from DirectRT v2006.2.28, which is the version we have the license for. So how can I figure out the exact port address?

Is there a way to configure the interface (and if yes, how)? Or am I wasting time?