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Thread: Order of trials gets disrupted (case 411)

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    Order of trials gets disrupted (case 411)


    I programmed a study (attached is the .csv file) and it does a strange thing: at trial 4 (line 5) it jumps to one of the trials after 22 (I don't know which one because they're all the same -- randomizing from a pool of pictures). I have a suspicion that it has something to do with the asterisk, but I tried to play with it and it didn't work. If I divide the file to 2 (until trial 22) then everything works fine...Any ideas what might be going on?

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    Your .cvs file does not reveal any obvious causes of this unintended skip. Have you looked carefully at your IAPS_rand file? How many items are in that file? Are there errors or formatting irregularities that might lead to it being read as only having 4 items?

    Since your .cvs file does not show any explicit command to skip, I would think something in your IAPS_rand file is indicating you're done after four trials; almost as if it thought you only had 4 items to choose from. But you have 20, correct?

    Attaching that file would be helpful in replicating the error.

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