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Thread: How to write a questionnaire in Hindi? (case 166)

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    How to write a questionnaire in Hindi? (case 166)

    Hi there,
    I am a Medialab v2008 1.33 user. I would like to write a questionnaire in Hindi. I have consulted your help menu in regards to using foreign font. Unfortunately Hindu does not come up as a possible choice in the menu of languages from Preferences/Character Set. When I copy Hindi text (Mangal Font in Word) from a word document it comes up as question marks in the text of the question.
    Could you please help?
    Thank you.
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    Are you using or do you have access to the Hindu version of Windows? Also--does the text appear the same way in your que and exp files--or just when p[presented during the session?

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    Hi there,
    I can write Hindi characters in Windows, no problem.
    But in MediaLab .que files the characters are replaced by Question marks when trying to input Hindi characters (in the edited text of the questions).

    thank you

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    Response Required

    Dear Support

    Do you have any further information in regards to this software for HindiSupport? What more information do you need?

    Currently it is not possible to edit a .que document and enter Hindicharacter (Mangal Font). We copy and paste the details from a word document andit is replaced as questions Marks.

    We look forward to your prompt response on this matter

    Kind Regards
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    I too am able to use the Mangal font in Word, however, Mangal does not show up as a font option when I try to select the editor font.

    I think it's because the editor uses only ANSI fonts and not UNICODE. Consequently, you would need to install one or more ANSI Hindi fonts. You can then select one of those fonts for the editor, or simply as the font to be used by MediaLab in the preferences.

    Note that this is different from choosing a font such as "Arial" and then selecting a script such as "Hindi". I have not seen the "Hindi" option available for a standard font script--I'm not sure why.

    So a workaround would be to use an ANSI font that is Hindi by default. That is, the Hindi characters map directly onto the regular US/Western European keyboard.

    To see what I mean, to going to "Preferences" in MediaLab and edit the fonts to be used in the experiment. Choose an ANSI Hindi font and run the experiment. Even if you have typed the characters in English in the Experiment Editor, they will appear in Hindi when the session is run. You could also set the Experiment Editor to use the same ANSI font--but that will make everything appear in Hindi--not just the question wording.

    Not sure where the best source for ANSI Hindi fonts is. I was able to install the set below by trying the trial version of Baraha's text editor. It installs some of the following ANSI Hindi fonts you could try--

    BRH Kannada
    BRH Vijay
    BRH Kailasam
    BRH Bengaluru
    BRH Sirigannada
    BRH Amerikannada
    BRH Devanagari
    BRH Tamil Tab
    BRH Telugu
    BRH Malayalam
    BRH Gujarati
    BRH Gurumukhi
    BRH Bengali
    BRH Oriya

    Their website is located here http://www.baraha.com/. They have some interesting looking utilities and editors that might also be of additional use for Hindi users.

    Hope that helps!

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