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Thread: Problems with Direct RT through MediaLab

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    Problems with Direct RT through MediaLab

    Good Afternoon, We are experiencing some trouble with directRT on our office computers we updated them a little over a month ago we have not run any programs on these two computers since the update and when we attempted to today we are unable to get the programs to run. DirectRT will not run a program through Medialab or through the program itself. However when the version of the programs are run on other computers they work fine. So I am assuming this is a problem that is associated with the recent update. The screen turns purple in color, gives no error message and does nothing when run through Medialab. You have to CTRL ALT DEl out of the program when trying to run it. This is an important matter and needs to be resolved, as we are now making updates and changes to our programs and are unable to use DirectRT. I would appreciate a quick response in regards to this problem, thank you for your time.

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    You mention that MediaLab just goespurple when it attempts to launch a DirectRT session. I am aware of this issuewith the 2010.3 version and have a fix I can offer for it:

    (scroll down toward the end of the thread)

    But I think youmention that DirectRT also does not run studies when using ONLY DirectRT--is thatcorrect? If so, what happens when you try?

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